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Breaking News: Austin Petersen Running for U.S. Senate in Missouri as a Republican

The 4th of July. The day this country declared indepdence from Great Britain and their tyrannical rule. In 2017 we face tyranny everyday within the walls of our government. Politicians thrive to control our lives and dictate our actions. Congress spends most of the time figuring out ways […]

Austin Petersen With Big Annoucement Tomorrow

The suspense is coming to a head tomorrow as Austin Petersen, the former Libertarian candidate for President, will announce his intentions for the U.S. Senate seat in Missouri. There have been months of speculation around his decision to run and which party to run under. His announcement will […]

Austin Petersen Forms Exploratory Committee For U.S. Senate

On the heels of a July 4th announcment Austin Petersen has formed an exploratory committee for a potential run for U.S. Senate. Petersen, the former 2016 Presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party has been floating the idea of challenging Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill for months. There has been […]

Austin Petersen To Make Big Announcement On July 4th

The former Libertarian party presidential candidate and CEO of The Libertarian Republic, Austin Petersen is hosting a 4th of July event, where he will make “a special announcement that will be of importance to liberty lovers both in the State of Missouri and around the Nation.” This announcement […]

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