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Is Bill Weld Gearing Up For A Presidential Run?

Former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld announced via social media last Thursday the start of a new organization called Freedom For America and encouraged his followers to donate. The video of the announcement is a bit peculiar, however, as it highlights Bill Weld’s stances on individual issues without really […]

Bitcoin Investor Roger Ver Reveals Plans For New Libertarian Country

MemoryDealers.com CEO and Bitcoin investor Roger Ver announced at the Nexus Conference, an event hosted by cryptocurrency platform Nexus Earth, a project to create a libertarian nation. The project called Free Society, believes that previous attempts at creating a libertarian society, Liberland or potential seasteading, have been unsuccessful […]

Austin Petersen Gains Primary Opponent, MO AG Announces Run

Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley announced Tuesday that he would be running for United States Senate in 2018 against Claire McCaskill. Hawley stated that “It’s time to do something new. America is an exceptional place, and it’s still a young country. Its future is worth fighting for. So […]

Larry Sharpe To Make Big Announcement Tonight

Rumors have been circulating that Larry Sharpe will run to replace Arvin Vohra as the Vice Chairman of the Libertarian Party, or that he will be running for the presidential nomination in 2020, or that he will be running for Governor of New York in 2018. Tonight at […]

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