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“If You Don’t Know Where Aleppo Is, You Can’t Bomb It” Says Larry Sharpe In Defense of Gary Johnson

Last night’s episode of the Governor’s House with Larry Sharpe became heated when someone commented on the livestream “What’s an Aleppo?” Among Sharpe’s commentary on universal basic income, New York’s new free college program and unions (and someone calling in asking if Larry had seen our Presidential Poll), […]

Was Gary Johnson’s Aleppo Gaffe a Calculated Move to Get His Name Recognition Up?

Last week the media went on a frenzy after the Libertarian candidate asked MSNBC anchors “What is Aleppo?” They deemed him unqualified to be President but this misstep doesn’t seem to have hurt him in the polls and among his supporters. So, was the Aleppo gaffe actually a […]

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