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Update: Justin Amash Releases Statement On AHCA Vote

After much shock from the libertarian community on Rep. Justin Amash’s vote in favor of the American Healthcare Act, the congressman has released a statement via social media. Amash explains how the act is essentially the same as Obamacare and that the Republicans and Democrats are both exaggerating […]

Thomas Massie Still Fighting Amended Trumpcare

by Luke Henderson Kentucky Representative Thomas Massie stated in an interview with The Blaze still plans to vote against the new Healthcare bill even with the new amendments. States can now opt out of certain regulations that would include requirements for insurance companies to base premiums on the […]

Doctors Find Alternatives to Keep Healthcare Prices Down

By Luke Henderson Health care as a basic human right has been an ongoing debate since the past election cycle with Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton promising to expand the Affordable Care Act in one way or another and the Republican candidates vowing to repeal it. With the […]

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