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The Satanic Temple Sues Texas Over Abortion

The Satanic Temple Sues Texas Over Abortion The Satanic Temple (TST) has recently filed a lawsuit against the State of Texas alleging that certain state-mandated abortion restrictions violated the religious beliefs of TST members. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of a member referred to as “Ann Doe” […]

I Won’t Vote for a Party That Kills Babies

“I won’t vote for Biden because he kills babies!” (or any other democratic politician). This is a bold statement often heard from right-wingers who associate themselves with the pro-life stance and feel strongly against the pro-choice stance. The pro-life stance believes every life should be birthed while the […]

Supreme Court strikes down Louisiana abortion clinic law

In a win for a women’s right to chose the United States Supreme Court struck down a controversial abortion law in the state of Louisiana. Chief Justice John Roberts joined the four liberal members of the court in striking down the law. WASHINGTON (CBS) – The Supreme Court reaffirmed […]

SCOTUS Nominee Gorsuch Would Not Repeal Roe v. Wade

One of the more hot-button issues in the Libertarian Party right now is the viewpoint on abortion. As a party, we stand firmly pro-choice in regards to a women’s right to chose. However, there are some that would like that position to change and be another pro-life party. […]

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