Interview with Austin Petersen: Libertarian Candidate for President

Beyond the despicable nature of the current 2016 Presidential Election cycle from the hands of the two major parties, the American people actually have another option to support. The Libertarian Party, founded in 1971 in my hometown of Colorado Springs, CO,  is the largest political party trailing behind the […]

Preview of Fox Business Libertarian Presidential Debate

The first part of the Libertarian Presidential debate, hosted by John Stossel and Fox Business Network, will air to the American people tomorrow at 9pm/EST. John Stossel just released a little preview of this historic moment, and we feel it necessary to allow everyone to soak it in […]

Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson at 11% in New National Poll

11% might not seem like a lot, but for a third party candidate in the United States who is running for President, it is quite a big deal.

Libertarian Party: Former Presidential Candidates Have Approached Them About Running

With the election season being dragged through the mud by Donald Trump, and the other Presidential Candidates, it would be no surprise that the idea of a third party candidate is not out of the question. According to the Chairman of the Libertarian Party Nicholas Sarwark, there have […]

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