Gary Johnson-“Most Americans Are Libertarians”

Governor Gary Johnson, the front-runner for the Libertarian nomination for President, has been making the rounds all over media the past few months.  With the displeasure the American people have with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the possibility of a third party showing in this 2016 election is […]

Rand Paul Back to Being Rand Paul

Nearly 3 months after Rand Paul ended his Presidential campaign, the Libertarian leaning Senator is back to advocating for the principles he believes in. A new Politico article highlights the failed campaign of Senator Paul, who tried to bring the brand of Libertarianism to a broader audience, which tended […]

Gary Johnson Gets Mentioned on The View

In one of the most unlikely places to hear Governor Gary Johnson’s name, the popular day time talk show “The View” was not one we expected. Co-Host Raven Symone made a de facto endorsement of the Governor in a discussion on the current Presidential election. The great part […]

Wondering What Your Paycheck Will Look Like Under President Sanders? This Chart Will Scare You!

Bernie Sanders, the self described socialist, is gaining ground among many American voters in the United States.  He has proposed one of the most bold domestic agendas in history.  He has already admitted that everyone in this country will see a tax increase in order to pay for […]

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