Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson at 11% in New National Poll

11% might not seem like a lot, but for a third party candidate in the United States who is running for President, it is quite a big deal.

Libertarian Party: Former Presidential Candidates Have Approached Them About Running

With the election season being dragged through the mud by Donald Trump, and the other Presidential Candidates, it would be no surprise that the idea of a third party candidate is not out of the question. According to the Chairman of the Libertarian Party Nicholas Sarwark, there have […]

Bernie Sanders :”Yes, I Will Raise Taxes on Everybody”

How many of Bernie Sander’s supporters do you think understand the economic ideas of their candidate?  Not many I would say, but this man is on the verge of becoming the Democratic nominee for President and is being very bold in his ideas about taxation. The idea that […]

Fox Business Network to Host Libertarian Party Debate

One of the biggest hurdles that any third political party in the United States is gaining access to media attention and having their candidates appear on T.V. to gain free media.  The other big hurdle that they face is broadcasting their message to the American people. The Libertarian […]

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