Wondering What Your Paycheck Will Look Like Under President Sanders? This Chart Will Scare You!

Bernie Sanders, the self described socialist, is gaining ground among many American voters in the United States.  He has proposed one of the most bold domestic agendas in history.  He has already admitted that everyone in this country will see a tax increase in order to pay for […]

Is Gary Johnson Campaign Engaged in Dirty Tactics or Just Rivals Inching for Ground Against a Front-Runner?

Every presidential election brings different accusations and tactics used by campaigns in order to get a leg up.  The Libertarian Party seems no different at this point with the newest accusations being levied against the current front-runner for the nomination, Gary Johnson. There have been rumors floating about […]

Interview with Gary Johnson: Libertarian Candidate for President

The 2016 Presidential election is in full swing and already the voters in the United States are dismayed by the options that they currently have in the Republican and Democratic Party’s.  Anyone one who has ever voted for a third party before has heard the common statements, “You […]

Report: Americans Spend More on Taxes Than on Food, Housing and Clothes Combined

 Anyone that reads this website understands that Taxation is Theft! However, a new report by the Tax Foundation shows that we spend more on our taxes then we do on food, housing, and clothing…combined!! Americans will collectively spend more on taxes this year than on food, clothing, and housing combined, […]

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