Colorado Republicans: Fight for Trump or Switch Parties?

Donald Trump is no fan of the state of Colorado; especially the state Republican Party. Following his defeat at the state convention last month, where Ted Cruz came away with all of the delegates Colorado has for the nominating convention, Trump became quite angry. Currently a good many of […]

Governor Gary Johnson Dominating Libertarian Primary Season

Governor Gary Johnson won the recent Nebraska primary in a landslide.  As the Libertarian National Convention gets closer later this month, the consensus across the board in the Libertarian circles is that Gary Johnson will be the Libertarian nominee and run against the likes of Donald Trump and […]

Libertarian Party Has An Opening! New Reuters Poll Shows 27.9% Uncommitted Voters

The presumptive nominees of the Democratic and Republican Party are two of the most polarizing figures in modern political history.  They both have high unfavorable ratings among voters, and when pitted up against each other in national polls numbers tend to speak from themselves. In a new Reuters […]

Gary Johnson: “He’s Not a Nut and He’s Not Manifestly Dishonest”

With the attention focused on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton this election many fail to miss the opportunity sitting right in front of them and that is the option of voting for a third party, specifically the Libertarian Party. The leading candidate for the Libertarian nomination, Governor Gary […]

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