Governor Gary Johnson Interview on the Glenn Beck Program

Today Governor Gary Johnson called into Glenn Beck’s radio program to discuss his run for President.  Glenn Beck is considered to be one of the leading proponents of the #NeverTrump movement and has started to look elsewhere for a Presidential Candidate.  He plans to talk with all three […]

Former Governor Bill Weld on Top of Gary Johnson VP List?

As the Libertarian National Convention gets close, the rumors are floating as to who could be the potential running mate for whomever gets the party’s nomination.  Gary Johnson being the front runner and presumptive nominee for the Libertarian Party, there are currently stories about a potential running mate […]

Gary Johnson Polling at 14% in New Mexico

A new poll conducted by Public Policy Polling broke down a three way race between Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Gary Johnson in the swing state of New Mexico. The poll, conducted this weekend, found that Clinton leads in a three-way race with 41 percent of the support […]

Did Penn Jillette Just Endorse Gary Johnson for President?

The Libertarian Party had their final debate of the 2016 Presidential Primary process in Las Vegas Nevada today which was hosted by Penn Jillette of Penn and Teller fame. Eventually this debate will be aired on The Blaze in time for the Libertarian National Convention at the end […]

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