Fox Business Network Libertarian Presidential Debate 2016 Full Debate

We have already posted the first two parts of the Fox Business Network Libertarian Presidential debate, but now for you enjoyment here is the full debate in one video.  Pass this around to as many people as you can so they can see that they have another option […]

Fox Business Network Libertarian Party Debate-Part 2

Tonight Fox Business Network and John Stossel tried the second part of the Libertarian Presidential candidate debate.  Here is the video of that debate.  You can also watch the first part of the debate on our website by clicking here. Hope you enjoy!  

John McAfee: FBI Knew All Along they Could Unlock the iPhone

The battle of the FBI vs. Apple the past month has heated up the conversation of balancing privacy with the security of this country.  The FBI took Apple to court in hopes that they would get Apple to create some type of program that would make it easy to […]

Donald Trump the Creation of a Dying Political Party

The Republican Party is in scramble mode as a wedge is being divided right through it’s heart.  The rise of Donald Trump has divided the Republicans like no other candidate has in modern political history.  He is a unique  brand on the surface, but dig a little further […]

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