Gary Johnson Bringing New People to the Libertarian Party 

Now that the American people are dissatisfied with the current frontrunners in this election there has been a spike in interest in the Libertarian Party and only one candidate for their nomination. Google search trends over the past 7 days have indicated two things. People are interested in […]

Donald Trump’s Campaign Exposes Hidden Racism in the United States

Donald Trump is now the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party, and with his rise comes major concerns for the heart of this country. The United States has had a long history with race, and over the years it would seem that racist tendencies have gone away.  Ever […]

Exclusive: Gary Johnson Campaign Commits Huge Resources for Libertarian Ballot Access Drive

Growing the Libertarian Party is a key aspect of the liberty movement and a fundamental requirement for any candidate that runs for President on their ticket. There have been debates over the last few months on what Libertarian candidate for President can grow the party and attract more […]

Gary Johnson Blows Up Google Searches Last Night as Ted Cruz Dropped Out of GOP Race

Last night saw the exit of Senator Ted Cruz from the Republican primary process.  Donald Trump is now considered to be the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party, and already it seems that people across this country are hunting for more. Last night Governor Gary Johnson saw a […]

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