Richard Winger, Ballot Access Expert, Advocates for the Johnson/Weld Libertarian Ticket

Richard Winger, the founder of Ballot Access News, and the premier expert on ballot access across the United States, is a strong Gary Johnson supporter.  He has already come out and endorsed the Johnson campaign for President. You can read our write up on that here. In this […]

Gary Johnson Has Racked Up a Huge List of Endorsements in 2016

The Gary Johnson campaign released a list of the big name Libertarian’s that have endorsed his campaign for the Libertarian nomination in 2016.  Governor Johnson has proven to be the most formidable Libertarian running and this list of powerful Libertarian’s proves that statement. Release from the campaign: May […]

Gary Johnson Campaign Forms Joint Fundraising Committee with 15 State Libertarian Parties

In a bold move for the Libertarian Party and the campaign of Gary Johnson, the governor has announced that he has formed a Victory Fund in order to raise money like the two major parties consistently do, and assure the name recognition that will get him to 15%, […]

Bill Weld, Libertarian Vice-Presidential Candidate, Responds to Criticism of His Record on Guns

Libertarian Vice-Presidential candidate Bill Weld released the following video in response to the criticism of his record on guns.  Many Libertarian’s have a problem with his past history on this issue, which might cause him trouble at the convention this weekend, but he released this video today in […]

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