John McAfee: Armed, Angry, and Running for President

Before we jump to deep into this, I have endorsed Governor Gary Johnson to be the Libertarian Nominee for President. You can read that endorsement right here. I have featured both Governor Johnson and Austin Petersen on this website.  I tried to get an interview with the other […]

Donald Trump: “The U.S. Gov’t Doesn’t Default Because It Can Print More Money”

There is so much at stake in this election, and it just got bigger by ten fold with the Republican front-runner Donald Trump having no clue how economics or debt works for governments. In a Politico article this morning the following was said by Donald Trump: Those who […]

Governor Gary Johnson: GOP Alternative to Donald Trump?

Is there an alternative to GOP front-runner Donald Trump? Some in the Republican Party would say no, and they will hold back their vomit as they vote for him. There are others that say there has to be another choice and are currently weighing their options. What most […]

Rise of the Libertarian-2016 Edition

The best thing to happen to the Libertarian Party and movement in this country? The rise of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  Never have both major party candidate seen such high disapproval ratings, and with that dissatisfaction comes the yearning for better choices. The better choices lie within […]

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