Gary Johnson, In Open Letter to Libertarian Delegates, Responds to the Critics of His Campaign

In an open letter to the delegates of the Libertarian National Convention Governor Gary Johnson tackles a couple key issues that some have suggested either make him “Not a Libertarian” or not able to manage finances. We have included the full letter for everyone, delegate or not, to […]

Libertarian Vice-Presidential Candidate Bill Weld on CNN’s State of the Union

This morning former Governor Bill Weld appeared on CNN’s State of the Union with Jake Tapper. Governor Weld is seeking the nomination of the Libertarian Party to be the Vice-Presidential candidate along with Governor Gary Johnson.  There have been some concerns among delegates concerning the former Governor’s record, […]

Libertarian Party Debate in Las Vegas & Featured on The Blaze

This past week Glenn Beck’s The Blaze broadcasted the Libertarian Party of Nevada’s Presidential debate.  It could only be seen on The Blaze (which charges), but now for your viewing pleasure here is the entire debate for our readers to watch. Leave comments to discuss the issues.

Johnson/Weld: The Power Ticket to Bring Down Trump and Clinton

What are both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton scare of the most? No it is not each other. Rather, it is a sane and sensible campaign from two successful Governors that bring more credibility than either of them combined. Governor Gary Johnson has assembled a Presidential campaign ticket […]

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