New National Poll Shows Gary Johnson at 10%

Another national poll conducted recently by Morning Consult shows Governor Gary Johnson polling at 10%.  This is consistent with other national polls that have included the Governor. Voters were also asked to make their pick between Clinton, Trump and a potential third-party nominee, Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson. In […]

Cato Institute Rates Johnson & Weld Favorably in Fiscal Grade Report

The Cato Institute, one of the leading Libertarian think tanks in Washington, released a short comprehensive rating of both Governor Gary Johnson and Governor Bill Weld. These two gentlemen are vying for the Libertarian Presidential and Vice-Presidential nominations. Both served as Governor’s during the 1990’s into the 2000’s. […]

Austin Petersen Scores Mary Matalin Endorsement…Is it Enough to Put Him Over the Top?

Libertarian Presidential candidate Austin Petersen appeared on the Glenn Beck program this morning to talk with Glenn and announce a big endorsement of his campaign. Mary Matalin, the former Republican operative, who switched to the Libertarian Party a few weeks ago, has endorsed the Austin Petersen campaign. The […]

Governor Gary Johnson Holds Commanding Lead Among Libertarian Party Members and Delegates

The week of May 17th-20th the Libertarian Party and Hammer of Truth conducted a survey of all its due paying members and delegates to the National Convention.  In this survey many questions were asked about the direction of the party, the new logo design, and a host of […]

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