Libertarian Presidential Candidate Debate Televised on CSPAN

Tonight the Libertarian Party held the official debate for the Presidential candidates that was broadcast live on CSPAN. Tomorrow morning the party delegates will began the process of balloting and decide who the party will nominate for President. Here is that debate in its entirety (minus the last […]

Governor Gary Johnson Nomination Speech 2016 Libertarian National Convention

Today Governor Gary Johnson recieved the most tokens for nomination from the delegates at the Libertarian National Convention.  He was well ahead of any of his opponents. Here is his speech after being put on the nomination ballot for tomorrow morning.

The Libertarian Party is Making History in Orlando

The Libertarian Party is meeting in their national convention in Orlando, Florida. There are many viable candidates making the pledge that they should be the parties nominee for President. The Libertarian Vindicator has a source that confirms Gary Johnson is well on his way to surpassing the majority of […]

Libertarian Party & Gary Johnson Getting Major Media Attention This Weekend

Gary Johnson has been consuming a major amount of media the past few days as the Libertarian Party meets in its national convention. This type of media coverage is indicative to the fear that the two major parties have about a former two-term governor going up against two […]

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