What Does it Mean to Be a Libertarian?

Many people ask and wonder, what is a Libertarian? All across this country Libertarians try to explain this every single day to their friends and family, but why not let one of the leading experts just explain it for them. Ron Paul in 1988 ran as the Libertarian […]

Donald Trump at California Rally, “Look at My African-American”

Donald Trump at a rally in Redding, California singled out a black supporter in the crowd and continued his barrage of racism on the campaign trail. Take a look: Some will try to keep arguing that Trump isn’t racist, but I don’t know how anyone can defend this […]

New Poll Shows Gary Johnson Polling High With Unaffiliated Voters

Today Rasmussen Reports released a new national poll today that showed some promising news for Governor Gary Johnson and his support among unaffiliated voters. In this new national poll, in a three way match-up, Johnson polled at 8%.  This is hovering within the margin of error of other […]

Who is Gary Johnson & Why Does He Want To Be President?

In an election year which features two of the most polarizing figures in recent political history there is a yearning for a third option that isn’t insane or a criminal. Well those people are in luck! There is another option who meets those requirements. His name is Gary […]

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