Real Clear Politics Average Has Gary Johnson Around 8% in National Polls

Now that it has been a week since Gary Johnson won the Libertarian nomination for President it is imperative to analyze the polling that has been centered around him. Real Clear Politics, which does averages of polls, has included Governor Johnson in one of their match-ups against Trump […]

The Libertarian Vindicator Podcast Episode #1-Why I Left The Republican Party

I decided to start a weekly podcast for the website. This is something I have never done so there will be a learning curve. So I want to gove you the first episode of The Libertarian Vindicator Podcast. In this episode I go through why I left the […]

Lily Tang Williams: U.S. Senate Candidate from Colorado Who Escaped Communist China

One of the great things about running a Libertarian news website is discovering the many fantastic Libertarians all across this country.  There are the activists who fight everyday for ballot access and growing the party.  There are also the great many that have decided to carry the torch […]

Governor’s Gary Johnson and Bill Weld on John Stossel’s Fox Business Show

Last night Governor’s Gary Johnson and Bill Weld appeared on John Stossel’s Fox Business show to talk about their run for the White House and the rise of a third party in America.

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