Ron Paul-“We Don’t Have a Democracy”

Former Congressman Ron Paul appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe this morning to talk the 2016 election.  The former Presidential candidate talked about how the United States is not really a Democracy and that both parties control the process of elections and who gets into the debates.  Watch the […]

Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse Considering the Libertarian Party Ticket in November

As Donald Trump continues his barrage of hate and filth, there are many in the Republican Party who are not comfortable supporting one of the most hated Presidential candidates in recent history.  One of those key Republicans is Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse who came out vocally in opposition […]

Governor Gary Johnson Makes the Sunday Morning News Rounds

This morning Governor Gary Johnson made the Sunday news rounds as he positions himself as the alternative to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Here are his appearances on NBC’s Meet the Press and CNN’s GPS:

Gary Johnson on Meet The Press: “All This Talk About 3rd Parties? Well, I’m It”

Governor Gary Johnson appeared on Meet the Press this morning capping off a week of major media interviews since winning the Libertarian nomination for President. The Governor has garnered a wealth of media coverage the past week as many are looking for an alternative to Donald Trump and […]

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