Gary Johnson and William Weld on Hillary, Trump, and Why You Should Vote Libertarian

The 2016 election is a tipping point for the United States and is becoming one of the most consequential elections in modern history. The prospect of a Third Party playing well in November is becoming more of a reality every day. The Libertarian Party is poised to have […]

Gary Johnson Still Closing in on Debate Stage in New CBS Poll Following Trump Coronation at the RNC

Every Presidential candidate gets a poll bump from their convention, and Donald Trump is no exception.  However, the problem that Trump has is he can’t shake the rise of a third party candidate and the new CBS poll this morning shows that Gary Johnson is still in the […]

Bernie Supporters Furious at DNC Leaks, Vow #NeverHillary, Consider Third Party Vote

As the Democratic National Convention starts today, there is a lot of angst among Bernie Sanders supporters following the DNC email leak.  As they go into this convention with their hands tied behind their backs, many in the movement are considering a vote for a third party candidate. […]

Gary Johnson is the Only Presidential Candidate Promising a Balanced Budget

  Managing the federal budget is the biggest responsibility of the President of the United States.  Spending and taxes play heavily into the decision-making process that the President engages with the heads of the federal agencies. A few weeks ago the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget broke […]

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