More Than Half of Republicans Now Support Marijuana Legalization

One of the biggest tenets of the Libertarian platform is the legalization of drugs, and specifically the legalization of marijuana.  Republicans for years have chastised Libertarians as a bunch of pot smokers, but it now appears they are coming on board the legalization train according to a new […]

New Gary Johnson Ad-“Declare Your Independence Again”

The new ad by the Gary Johnson campaign is probably the best one yet! It’s time we take our country back from the greedy and the corporate sell outs and live free!

Marvin Bush, brother of George and Jeb Bush, Endorses Gary Johnson for President

Appearing on a Washington D.C. sports radio show the brother of former President George Bush and Jeb Bush endorsed Gary Johnson for President. “That’s why I’m voting libertarian, 100%, these two guys—and nobody knows about them, people think it is sort of a wasted vote—but, both Gary Johnson […]

Donald Trump is Anti-Free Market; Proposes an Increase in the Minimum Wage

For the Republicans that think they nominated a candidate that believes in free markets and the principles of economics that allow for less government intervention, then think again.  Donald Trump has said that he will support an increase in the minimum wage abandoning all principles of the free […]

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