Gary Johnson Has Until August 15 to Get the 15% for the Debate Stage

Now that both major political parties have had their national conventions the general election is now full force and the Presidential debates will be the next big event. For a third party, this is a critical time in order to gain the support necessary to be included in […]

Gary Johnson Crashes the Democratic Convention with Reason Magazine

Like he did last week, the Libertarian candidate for President Gary Johnson is crashing one of the major party conventions seeking to highlight to voters that he is the alternative to Trump and Clinton. Governor Johnson sat down with Matt Welch and Nick Gillespie of Reason Magazine to […]

Poll: Who Are You Voting for In November?

We are conducting a poll of our readers on who they plan to vote for in November. Please vote and share with your friends and family.        

Gary Johnson Talks the 2nd Amendment with The Blaze

Gun rights have become a big issue in this Presidential election because of recent shootings that have taken place across this country. As Libertarians, we understand the right to bear arms and hold that right dear to our hearts. Governor Gary Johnson appeared on The Blaze yesterday to […]

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