U.S. Congressman Scott Rigell (R-VA) Endorses Gary Johnson For President

The first member of Congress has just broken the political seal.  In a huge turn of events, the Republican from Virginia has endorsed Gary Johnson for President. From the New York Times: Representative Scott Rigell of Virginia says he plans to vote for the Libertarian Party’s presidential ticket, […]

Gary Johnson’s Real Clear Politics Average at Highest Level of the Campaign

Real Clear Politics updates their averages daily for polling across the United States. In a three-way match-up against Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, Gary Johnson has had his ups and downs. Today the former Governor of New Mexico is sitting at his highest level since the beginning of […]

Second Libertarian Presidential Town Hall on CNN

For those that missed the second Libertarian Presidential Town Hall on CNN last night you can watch it here!

Why the war on drugs is Unconstitutional and the negative impact it has on our society

 Article 1 Section 8 of The Constitution lists what legislative powers the federal government has. It does not give the federal government authority to ban any substance. That is why the federal government amended the Constitution (18th amendment) to ban the sale or manufacturing of alcohol. The ban […]

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