Breaking: Host Sites for Presidential Debates Being Advised to Prepare for a 3rd Podium

Breaking news from Politico this morning is suggesting that the sites for the Presidential debates are being told to prepare a third podium in their planning. The venues that will host the presidential debates are drawing up plans for a three-person forum that would provide a lectern for […]

Gary Johnson Making a Statement in Utah With 16% of the Vote in New Statewide Poll

The state of Utah has not been that kind to Donald Trump, and the new statewide poll coming out of Utah has Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate for President, polling at a whopping 16%. From  Utah Policy: Our survey shows Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson is surging among […]

Time for Republican Leaders to Come Out of the Shadows and Support Gary Johnson for President

There is a moment in your life when you lock yourself in a closet to hide from the worries of the world and pray that the evil will pass. The 2016 Presidential election kind of feels like this childhood scenario and many in the two major parties are […]

Raven Symone Goes to Bat for Gary Johnson on The View

Not that I watch The View that often I do know that sometimes they get really political and push certain ideas and candidates. One co-host of The View, Raven Symone, stepped up to the plate and went to bat for Gary Johnson.  Making the most sense then anybody […]

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