New Gary Johnson Ad-“This Is The Year”-Best Ad Thus Far in 2016

Governor Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate for President, just came out with the best ad of the campaign season. Highlighting the displeasure and craziness of this election Gary Johnson offers a better vision for America and a sane approach to governing. Check it out!

Fusion Libertarian Forum 2016 With Gary Johnson and William Weld

Yesterday Fusion held a Presidential forum with Governors Gary Johnson and Bill Weld that covered a wide range of topics. For those that missed it, you can watch here.

New Colorado Poll Has Gary Johnson Up to 16% in the Centennial State

Colorado has always been considered a safe haven for Libertarian thought and the newest poll conducted by Quinnipiac University proves that long time thinking. In the state of Iowa the Governor is polling at 12% and in Virginia he is polling at 11%. ¬†These are high numbers for […]

Can Third Party Candidates Make It Into The Debates?

The Presidential debate commission released the other day the specific polls that they will use to determine who will make it past the threshold to be included in the fall debates. Gary Johnson has been pinning his hopes of winning on achieving the 15% necessary to be asked […]

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