Bill Belichick Declines to Accept Presidential Medal of Freedom

President Trump has been on a tear handing out Presidential Medal’s of Freedom to some of his most loyal allies in an attempt to showcase their reverence to him as President. His newest target of the nation’s highest civilian honor is New England Patriot’s head coach Bill Belichick. […]

Justin Amash Calls Out Young Americans for Liberty and Defends the #YALtoo Movement

We have been reporting on the allegations of sexual misconduct within the Young Americans for Liberty organization. Last night, former Congressman Justin Amash, who contributes diligently to the YAL organization called them out for their inconsistencies and called for accountability. More women have joined the chorus to call […]

State Department Website Says Trump’s Term Ends Tonight at 7:49pm

It could be a glich, or possibly Donald Trump could be resigning the Presidency effective at 7:49pm January 11, 2021. Typically the President when he resigns (only happened one time) he submits a letter to the Secretary of State. Here is a screen shot from the State Department: […]

Twitter Shares in Decline After Mass Purging of Conservative Accounts

Following the ban of Donald Trump on Twitter the social media outlet has been on somewhat of a purge of accounts that are conservative/libertarian in nature. Here at The Liberty Herald we have noticed a sharp decrease in followers since last week. Now, news is breaking that shares […]

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