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Trump made a lasting impact on federal court system

From the Associated Press: WASHINGTON (AP) — On this, even President Donald Trump’s most fevered critics agree: He has left a deep imprint on the federal courts that will outlast his one term in office for decades to come. He used the promise of conservative judicial appointments to […]

Battle in Supreme Court Over Whether a State Can Tax Remote Workers

A battle is brewing in the Supreme Court with states that are trying to tax workers who are working from home instead of traveling to their states for work. From CNBC: New Jersey, along with Connecticut, Hawaii and Iowa, submitted an amicus brief on Tuesday in a lawsuit […]

Desperate Trump Appeals to Supreme Court Again!

The guy just can’t give up! Having already been denied by the Supreme Court twice the Trump campaign is once again submitting an appeal to the nation’s highest court in attempt to overturn the results of the election. From Fox News: President Trump’s campaign team on Sunday filed […]

U.S. Supreme Court Rules Unanimously You May Sue Government Agents for Damages When They Violate Your Individual Rights

In a case that involved FBI agents who retaliated against Muslim-Americans and green-card holders who followed the dictates of their faith and refused to cooperate with the FBI by spying on their own communities, the United States Supreme Court ruled in their favor. As a result of their […]

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