Ron Paul blasts Trump: ‘Foreign policy is in shambles’

With the recent airstrike in Iraq that killed Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani, there has been a lot of talk about the role of America in the world. Former Congressman and Presidential candidate Ron Paul said he wished President Trump would "flip-flop" his policy on Iran and criticized Trump's loyalty to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu... Continue Reading →

Ron Paul Recieves Liberland Passport As Lifetime Achievement Honor

For former US congressman Ron Paul's lifetime of spreading the message of liberty and limited government, officials from Liberland presented him with a passport to honor his achievements at Anarchopulco. Dr. Paul is now an honorary citizen of the nation that occupies 7 km of unclaimed land between Croatia and Serbia. "Ron Paul is America’s... Continue Reading →

President-Elect Trump Needs to Pick Ron Paul as His Federal Reserve Chairman; Let’s Really Drain the Swamp

As President-Elect Trump begins the process of assembling his government many are already criticizing him for going against his biggest campaign promise of draining the swamp. He is bringing in long-time Washington insiders to partake in his transition process and names are being floated for his cabinet that comes from deep inside the swamp. The... Continue Reading →

More Than Half of Republicans Now Support Marijuana Legalization

One of the biggest tenets of the Libertarian platform is the legalization of drugs, and specifically the legalization of marijuana.  Republicans for years have chastised Libertarians as a bunch of pot smokers, but it now appears they are coming on board the legalization train according to a new poll. YouGov reports: Marijuana is already fully... Continue Reading →

Ron Paul Breaks Down the Orlando Shooting Better Than the Mainstream Media

The Orlando shooting is consuming the media attention and many are trying to analyze the impact and cause of these events.  Former Congressman Ron Paul took to the airwaves today to dissect what happened in Orlando and gave a great overview of the events, radical islam, and the LGBT community. Check out his episode on... Continue Reading →

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