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COVID One Year Later: A Libertarian Perspective

COVID One Year Later: A Libertarian Perspective It is hard to think that it has been over one year since this country and the world was thrust into a global health pandemic with COVID 19 that sent shockwaves across our lives and the economies of the world. We’ve […]

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Biden Signs Rescue Bill Packed Full of Pork

In typical Washington fashion we have a President championing a bill that he pushed through Congress claiming it to be the necessary tool to fight a health and financial pandemic. Also in typical Washington fashion we have a bill that is supposed to be centered around helping the […]

Inconsistent Democrats flip on Mininum Wage

In 2014, Chris Coons voted to raise the Minimum Wage and it failed. In 2021, when it had a high chance of success, he voted against raising the Minimum Wage.


National Debt Passes $28 Trillion

Another grim milestone in our financial insecurity has been passed as the National Debt has surpassed $28 Trillion. The national debt has ballooned to an astounding 27.9 trillion dollars. To put in perspective of just how much money that is, consider this. If you were to stack $100 bills […]

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