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History tells us Libertarian ideas are winning

The Libertarian Experiment Since the founding of the United States of America (The Great Experiment) the world has evolved from where only “Nobles” had rights, were landowners, and there were no free markets. Today, the world generally has religious freedoms, personal freedoms, freedoms of speech, property rights, free […]


Should libertarians use Clubhouse?

Upcoming event: Dave Smith and Justin Amash

The COVID Vaccine: A Libertarian Perspective

To vaccinate or not? That is the big question among Libertarians and people that question the role of government in our daily lives. The core of Libertarianism centers around choice. Personal responsibility and the ability to chose for yourself is a key tenant to the principle of Liberty. […]

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The Fastest Way to Police Reform? End Qualified Immunity

The Fastest Way to Police Reform? End Qualified Immunity I am sitting her watching CNN’s State of the Union and listening to Democrats in Congress talk about the police reform bill before Congress. One sticking point that seems to be derailing this bill is the ending of qualified […]

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