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Donald Trump & The Destruction of the 4th Amendment

In the aftermath of the deadliest mass shooting in the United States many are advocating for new reforms and looking at how to handle the threat this country faces. Donald Trump basically advocated for the destruction of the most essential constitutional right we have in the 4th Amendment, […]

Freedom & Love Attacked at Orlando LGBT Club

The rumblings are already happening about today’s mass shooting at the night club in Orlando, FL. This incident is now the largest mass shooting in the history of the United States, and many are already blaming the guns and attacking the second amendment as a cause for this incident. That […]

Gary Johnson Rising to 9% in the Real Clear Politics Average

Every week we look at the Real Clear Politics average for the national polling done on the three way match-up between Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Gary Johnson.  Last week with the polls that were conducted up to that point Governor Johnson was averaging 7.6%.  Within one week […]

Breaking News: New Fox News Poll Has Gary Johnson at 12%!

A new national poll by Fox News has Governor Gary Johnson polling at 12% nationally against Trump and Clinton. This is a jump up from the last poll conducted by Fox which had the governor at 10% nationally.  He is now inching closer to the mark that will […]

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