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President Obama on Donald Trump’s Proposed Muslim Ban: “Where Does This Stop?…That’s Not the America We Want.”

Today President Barack Obama took to the microphone to criticizes Donald Trump’s plan to ban Muslim’s from entering the Untied States.  In a heartfelt speech the President stood up agains the hate coming from Mr. Trump and asked a simple question “Where does this stop?…that’s not the America we […]

Gary Johnson Holding Strong at 10% in New Morning Consult Poll

The Morning Consult has released a new national poll that has Gary Johnson holding steady at 10%.  When pitted up against Trump and Clinton the former New Mexico Governor has been holding strong at this mark for the past 3 polls they have conducted. There are many that […]

New to Libertarianism? You Are in Luck! Sit Back and Learn About the Principled Philosophy

The 2016 election has sparked quite the interest in American politics, particularly with the two most hated candidates in history pitting against one another.  With this interest has come a lot of questions about other choices and philosophies.  One of those philosophies has been Libertarianism, and anybody reading […]

Ron Paul Breaks Down the Orlando Shooting Better Than the Mainstream Media

The Orlando shooting is consuming the media attention and many are trying to analyze the impact and cause of these events.  Former Congressman Ron Paul took to the airwaves today to dissect what happened in Orlando and gave a great overview of the events, radical islam, and the […]

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