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CNN National Poll Has Gary Johnson at 9% in a 4 Way Race

CNN has conducted its first national poll that has included Governor Gary Johnson, the Libertarian nominee for President. When pitted up against Trump, Clinton, & Stein he manages to pull in 9% of the vote. For the naysayers out there that say his numbers are going down, they […]

Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson on The Drug War & Marijuana Legalization

One of the biggest issues that has defined the campaign of Gary Johnson is the drug issue. ¬†People like Mitt Romney have suggested that they would vote for Johnson, but have reservations about his proposal to legalize marijuana. Here is a great clip of Governor Johnson when he […]

My Experience Firing An AR-15: Excitement And Awe

Unfortunately, I’m afraid a lot of this debate is being driven by people who have little experience with guns of any sort.

Breaking News: Supreme Court Trashes the 4th Amendment

In an issuance of opinion today the Supreme Court justices trashed the fundamental concept of the 4th Amendment to the Constitution. From the USA Today: WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court divided largely along ideological lines Monday in ruling that police can seize evidence from an unconstitutional search if […]

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