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CNN Libertarian Town Hall-Full Video

Tonight was historic for the Libertarian Party and the campaign being waged by Governor Gary Johnson and Governor William Weld.  Never before has a Libertarian Presidential candidate received so much media attention to the point that one of the biggest news outlets in the world would have a […]

Austin Petersen Hits a Home Run on CNN as a Gary Johnson Surrogate

You know you are officially a viable candidate for the Presidency when you have surrogates appearing on television in your place.  Today former Libertarian Presidential candidate Austin Petersen did a fantastic job selling the Libertarian message and the Johnson candidacy.  The American people are starting to learn about […]

CNN Libertarian Town Hall Live Stream

Tonight CNN is hosting the first ever Libertarian Presidential Town Hall with Governor Gary Johnson and Governor Bill Weld. For our readers out there that might not have access to CNN we have found a way for you to watch this historic event.  Below is a live broadcast […]

Why You Should Care About The Libertarian Party in 2016

CNN just ran a great spot on the Libertarian Party in 2016 and why voters should care who they are.  CNN Politics producer Eli Watkins explains why the Libertarian party may be a factor in the 2016 election and who Gary Johnson and William Weld are. This is […]

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