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John McAfee-“Government Using Terrorism to Gain Entry Into the Private Lives of Americans”

On Wednesday former Libertarian Presidential candidate John McAfee appeared on RT to discuss the security and privacy fears of the American people after the Senate rejected a proposal to allow the FBI access to people’s browser history. This issue is one of the key issues in our modern […]

Gary Johnson Tackles Immigration in His NALEO Speech

The other day Governor Gary Johnson gave a speech to the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials.  Johnson has been an open proponent of relaxed immigration laws that would make it easier for immigrants to get work visas and unlike Trump believes it unnecessary to deport […]

Gary Johnson Sells the Fundamental Principle of the Libertarian Philosophy

Last night during the CNN Town Hall Gary Johnson was asked about his marijuana use and decision to not use the substance while running for President and eventually being President. During this answer the Governor sold the fundamental principle of the Libertarian philosophy to millions of voters across […]

Voter Asks Gary Johnson About His Faith-Gives the Best Answer of the Night

During the CNN Libertarian Town Hall last night one voter asked Governor Gary Johnson about his faith-and he gave one of the best answers of the night. To often in American politics we as voters care way to much about a candidates religion and his attendance every Sunday […]

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