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Governor Gary Johnson Keynote at Politicon 2016-Full Speech

Today Governor Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate for President, opened up the 2016 Politicon conference in California with the keynote address. This is a big conference for political junkies that features many leaders and political figures from across the country.  Having the keynote address is a big deal […]

Gary Johnson Says He Wants the Fair Tax; So What is the Fair Tax?

One of the biggest campaign proposals of Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson is the elimination of the income tax at both the personal and corporate level, abolishing the IRS, and replacing the tax system with the Fair Tax. Most people in this country are not experts on the tax system. […]

What Gary Johnson Believes in 2 Minutes

CNN produced a nice little 2 minute introduction to the Libertarian Party candidate for President Gary Johnson.  In this short video clip voters are introduced to the ideas and policy positions of the most sane person running for President in 2016. Pass around to your friends and families […]

The Libertarian Vindicator Podcast #4–Immigration

In our 4th podcast we tackle the issue of immigration.  Ever since Donald Trump brought up the issue last year, all the news can talk about is the proposals of Trump and other candidates. We take a look at Johnson’s and Trump’s solutions to this “problem” and look […]

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