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Larry Sharpe Exploring Another Run for Governor of New York

Larry Sharpe, a favorite among many inside Libertarians, is exploring another run for Governor of New York. The Libertarian favorite ran for New York Governor in 2018 and gathered around 1.7% of the vote, or over 95,000 votes. On the heels of a government default and many other […]

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Its Time for the Libertarian Party to Stop Fighting Their Own and Get Serious About Winning Elections

Time for the Libertarian Party to Get Serious About Winning The recent battles within the Libertarian Party are a prime example why many in the United States don’t take them serious during election cycles. We are laughed off by a large majority of the voting public and many […]

American DOI

American Independence and The Declaration

American independence Today we celebrate one of the most profound moments in the history of the world. A group of ragtag colonists took on the mighty British Empire and set forth an example that has been the beacon of hope for many generations. In that spirit we are […]

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National Libertarian Party Institutes Takeover of the New Hampshire Party

Hostile Takeover of the New Hampshire Libertarian Party? The New Hampshire Libertarian Party has been in hot water recently, and with the tweet that suggested that the United States should end child labor laws it appears that the national party has committed a hostile takeover of the state […]

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