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Jacob Hornberger Says He Cannot Commit to Supporting the Libertarian Nominee for President If Not Him

The Libertarian Party of Kentucky is hosting the final round of their Presidential debate tonight. A question just came up whether or not each candidate would support the nominee of the party no matter who it might be and Jacob Hornberger said live during the debate that he […]

The LNC To Reconsider Holding a Virtual Convention

Today the Libertarian National Committee will meet to reconsider the previous passed motion to postpone the national convention. After seeking legal advice from the parties legal counsel Chairman Nick Sarwark has ruled that the term “place” in the bylaws can be a virtual place. From Nick Sarwark’s Facebook […]

LNC Members Propose Holding POTUS/VP Nominations By Electronic Balloting

Some breaking news tonight as it appears a big chunk of the Libertarian National Committee has agreed to a compromise that would allow delegates to vote for the Presidential and Vice-Presidential nominations by electronic balloting on June 6-7. Following Saturday’s LNC meeting the party leadership voted to postpone […]

Libertarian Vice-Presidential Debate Tonight; Hosted By LP Mises Caucus

Watch tonight’s LP Vice Presidential Forum (7:30pm-9:30pm) hosted by The Libertarian Party Mises Caucus. The participants are Larry Sharpe, Spike Cohen, and Ken Armstrong It will be streamed live on: Youtube: Facebook:

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