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Libertarian Jo Jorgensen Polling at 12% Among Millennials in New NPR Poll

Spinning off our story yesterday where Libertarian Presidential Candidate Jo Jorgensen is polling at 5% among voters for the 2020 Presidential Election there is more good news for her and the Libertarian Party. Among Millennials or Generation Z voters that number more than doubles to 12%. This is […]

Jo Jorgensen Should Focus on Winning Just One State in the 2020 Election

Yes, the Libertarian Party has made it once again on the ballot for all 50 states plus the District of Columbia. Many hours of canvasing and fighting at the state level have made this a great achievement. However, the Libertarian candidate for President, Jo Jorgensen, should spend her […]

Libertarianism is Bigger Than The Libertarian Party

The past couple of months have been quiet for me because of personal things happening in my life that were for the good. However, there has been a lot on my mind as we enter the heart of the Presidential election season and that centers around the inner […]

The Libertarians Have a Big Problem and Its Not the Two Major Parties; It’s Themselves

This weekend has been quite interesting for somebody on the outside looking in as the Libertarian Party was the first political party to hold their 2020 nominating convention online. As someone that joined the party officially in 2016 I have met and interacted with many great Libertarians that […]

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