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Libertarian Presidential Candidates

Should the Libertarian Party run a POTUS candidate in 2024?

I’ve joined Clubhouse app, a new form of social media that I’ve described as live interactive podcasts that are not recorded for the public. The libertarian contingent on the app is still quite small. While having a conversation with some libertarians a few days ago, a participant suggested […]

Libertarian Convention

LP Looks to Be Shutting Down Affiliate Sign Up Program; Shutting Down Recruitment Efforts

The Libertarian Party has grown in membership over the years and in big parts thanks to their former membership director and now Liberty Herald contributor Jess Mears. There are also groups like the LP Mises Caucus and people like Thomas Woods that have spent countless efforts to sign […]


Did the Biden Administration Label Libertarians Terrorists?

The new Biden Administration is moving fast in their response to COVID-19 and taking on the extremists that stormed the U.S. Capitol a few weeks ago. However, have they labeled a group as domestic terrorists that had nothing to do with the attack? According to reports, Libertarians have […]

Libertarian Convention

The Potential 2024 Libertarian Candidates for President

Joe Biden is set to take the Presidential Oath of Office on Wednesday becoming the 46th President of the United States. Following a contentious election and even crazier aftermath, the political landscape is set for the next four years and has people already talking about the 2024 election. […]

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