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Justin Amash Ends His Presidential Bid Three Weeks After Announcing

It is with sad news that we have to report that Justin Amash has ended his run for President of the United States: We will reassess our support as a publication and announce our new endorsement by the end of the day.

Justin Amash Takes Questions From Delegates on the Kris and Jessi Show

Tonight Congressman Justin Amash spent just over an hour taking questions from Libertarian Party delegates. The Libertarian National Convention will convene over Memorial Day weekend virtually to vote on the President and Vice-Presidential candidates. Here is the entire interview with Congressman Amash on the Kris and Jessi Show.

Justin Amash Leading Among Delegates After the LP KY Post Debate Poll

The Libertarian Party of Kentucky ran a delegate only post debate poll of the candidates running for the Presidential nomination. The support for Justin Amash is high among delegates following his announcement he would be seeking the LP nomination for President. In order to be nominated by the […]

Where Justin Amash Stands on the Key Issues

Justin Amash has launched his Libertarian campaign for President of the United States and already has the buzz of national media outlets and is creating a nationwide campaign for the highest office in the land. He is the first Libertarian member of Congress and has a record that […]

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