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Justin Amash on the rules that broke Congress

Congressman Justin Amash appeared on Andrew Yang’s podcast this past week to discuss Congress’ inability to function and get anything done for the American people. Here is that interview in its entirety:

With Justin Amash Leaving Congress Who Will Take Up the Libertarian Banner?

Congressman Justin Amash, the first Libertarian member of Congress expressed his intention to not run for reelection. From Politico: Rep. Justin Amash, the Libertarian Michigan congressman who abandoned the Republican Party after calling for President Donald Trump’s impeachment, appeared to confirm reports Thursday that he would not seek […]

Rumor: Movement to Nominate Justin Amash From the Floor of the LNC Convention

Apparently rumors are floating that several delegates are planning on nominating Justin Amash today during the Libertarian Convention being held by Zoom. I think Nick Gillespie asks the million dollar question. If he is nominated would he even accept the nomination being that he bowed out last week? […]

Justin Amash Endorses Joe Bishop-Henchman for Libertarian Party Chair

As the eyes of the Libertarian world are on the Presidential nominating process this weekend there was some other big news coming out of the Libertarian Party world. The race to replace current LNC chair Nick Sarwark is a hot race with a few dynamic candidates. It is […]

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