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Justin Amash: The Libertarian Party Exists to Bring Together People Who Care About Protecting Rights, With the Goal of Winning Elections

The new de facto standard bearer of the Libertarian Party, Justin Amash, is making a big push to draw people to the party of principle from both the Republican and Democratic camps. He has been making this push on Twitter recently and has cemented himself as the new […]

Justin Amash

Justin Amash: People Want a President ‘Who Is Normal, Honest, Practical, Capable.’

The 2020 election cycle is officially over and the 2024 cycle is just beginning. Justin Amash dipped his toes in the water for a little bit in 2020 as he explored a run for President as a Libertarian, but chose to wait instead. But now with the 2024 […]

Justin Amash: The New Leader of the Liberty Movement

In the couple of weeks since the Presidential election there has been a debate taking place among Liberty activists on who the new leader of the Liberty movement will be going forward. There are many intellectuals that help shape the scope of Libertarian thinking in this country and […]

The Justin Amash Era of the Libertarian Party Begins Today

The 2020 Presidential election has yet to be decided at the time of this article. It appears that Joe Biden will pull out a win as key states continue counting the votes that appear to be trending to the Democratic candidate. The Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen is in […]

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