Category: Justin Amash

Justin Amash Inching Closer to Presidential Run

With the 2020 Presidential Election starting to take shape the Libertarian shpere of American Politics is looking for someone to turn to in order to push their ideas forward. Congressman Justin Amash of Michigan has hinted at the prospect of running for President and possibly running on the […]

Justin Amash ‘Disenchanted’ With House Freedom Caucus

The House Freedom Caucus once stood as the defender of Liberty and Freedom in Congress, but recently it has lost their way and have no lost the support of the most freedom/liberty loving member, Justin Amash. Once a proud member of the House Freedom Caucus, Rep. Justin Amash, […]

New Poll Shows Justin Amash Has Huge Support Among Libertarians in a Potential Presidential Run

The prospect of Justin Amash running for President as a Libertarian has generated a lot of support among the party faithful. Here at The Libertarian Vindicator we conducted an unscientific poll among our followers, which includes a diverse broad stroke of Libertarian Party members. The following results are […]

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