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Jacob Hornberger Says This Country Needs One Thing; End the Federal Reserve

In the following video Jacob Hornberger explains how President Trump and his Republican and Democrat cohorts are using the Federal Reserve to plunder and loot the American people in order to bail out the big corporations and politically connected businesses and industries in America. He also puts the […]

Jacob Hornberger Overwhelming Choice of Ohio Libertarians

The Libertarian Party of Ohio conducted their caucuses and Jacob Hornberger was the overwhelming choice on every ballot! The winner of the Ohio Presidential Caucus was Jacob Hornberger in the 51% of the votes in the 8th and final round. Counting ballots using Instant Runoff Voting. There are […]

Who Is Ready for Freedom?

Guest article by Jacob Hornberger, Libertarian candidate for President of the United States At one of the state conventions I have attended since I announced my candidacy for the Libertarian Party presidential nomination, I heard a libertarian speaker tell the audience that while he agreed with the libertarian […]

Jacob Hornberger is the Campaign of Principle for the Party of Principle

The 2020 election is taking an interesting turn as the country suffers through a global pandemic that has shut down businesses and people told to stay in their homes. With the election slated to be in November never has there been more at stake as we look to […]

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