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Into the Diluted Mind of President Trump

Yesterday a letter was released by the Speaker of the House that she received from President Trump concerning the impeachment matter. In an attempt to tell his side of the story the President opened his diluted mind to the American people in the most awkward way possible. Let’s […]

More than 700 historians sign letter calling for House to impeach Trump

As a fellow historian there are many on this list and in the field that I hold in high regard. The trust I have in their judgement is unquestionable as people that have dived deep into the history of this great country. From The Hill: A group of […]

Many Libertarians Showing True Colors in Defense of Trump

The Trump Impeachment process has many people showing their true colors in his defense, and one group that has risen above the rest are the Libertarians. I can think back to 2016 when Donald Trump ran for President and how the Libertarian movement was united against his Presidency. […]

House Judiciary Committee Releases Report Explaining Impeachment Charges

The House Judiciary Committee Monday morning released its impeachment report to accompany the articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump¬†that will be on the House floor this week. The 658-page report explains the decision to charge Trump with two articles of impeachment, abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, and […]

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