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Gary Johnson Takes Historic Lawsuit Against Commission on Presidential Debates to the SCOTUS

From The Jack News: December 28, 2017, Washington, DC — Attorneys with the Our America Initiative, a nonprofit advocacy organization, have petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court for a Writ of Certiorari asking the Justices to reinstate an antitrust suit brought against the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) by […]

Gary Johnson Will Not Run In 2020

The deadline for 2018 mid-term elections has yet to pass and many libertarians are still discussing who will be the presidential nominee in 2020. A survey taken by the Jack News suggests that the three front runners will be Bill Weld, Justin Amash and Larry Sharpe. Other names being considered by Libertarians […]

Gary Johnson Returns to Politics! Relaunches Our America Initiative

Following the 2016 Presidential election Gary Johnson took some time off to recoup. Currently he is on a biking trek from Canada to Mexico, but once he returns the ball game changes. From Johnson and strategist Ron Nielson have relaunched Our America Initiative, a website “giving voice […]

Gary Johnson Biking from Canada to Mexico

Former Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson is currently biking from the Canadian border to the Mexican border in order to test his athleticism. The feat is called the Continental Divide which begins in Banff, Alberta and is completed in Antelope Wells, New Mexico, a span of over 2700 […]

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