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GOP Senator Hyde-Smith Misquotes The Bible To Fight Voting Access

 “…I can speak for Mississippi on why we would never do that on a Sunday, or hold an election on a Sunday. In God’s word, in Exodus 20:18, it says ‘Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy,’ so that is my response to Sen. Schumer,” Mississippi GOP Senator […]


How can Libertarians prep to win in 2022?

How can Libertarians prep to win in 2022? I am currently sitting here listening to a discussion among leading Libertarians on Clubhouse on what the Libertarian Party can do to win in the 2022 election. There are a lot of different opinions that consume most of the Libertarian […]

Why are politicians so terrible?

I’ve been spending some time with friends on the phone to catch up after the 2020 election cycle put most of my relationships on pause. A friend from college told me that she’s paid closer attention to politics in the last year than ever in her life. I […]

CPAC Panel on Cancel Culture Cancels Conservative Panelist

CPAC Cancelled a Conservative Panelist over Anti-Semitism even though their theme is, “America Uncancelled”.

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