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Trump Says Afghanistan Better Than United States

President Donald Trump, tweeting from the vacation he is taking after vetoing Defense spending and setting Congress scrambling over the Covid relief bill, said on the day after Christmas that the United States isn’t as good as war-torn, Taliban-infested Afghanistan. Citing an anonymous source, Trump claimed that a “young […]

The NY Post says: Give it up, Mr. President — for your sake and the nation’s

After endorsing him for the Presidency a couple of months ago the New York Post has come to the realization that Donald Trump has failed to grasp. From the New York Post: Mr. President, it’s time to end this dark charade. We’re one week away from an enormously […]

Trump made a lasting impact on federal court system

From the Associated Press: WASHINGTON (AP) — On this, even President Donald Trump’s most fevered critics agree: He has left a deep imprint on the federal courts that will outlast his one term in office for decades to come. He used the promise of conservative judicial appointments to […]

The Trump Era Has Divided Libertarians. Can They Recover?

So much has happened the past four years under the Trump Presidency and one that is very noticeable in Libertarian politics is the stark divide that mainstream Libertarians have had over supporting this President. Now with the Trump Era coming to an end can the Liberty movement recover […]

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