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Is There An Estate Sale Happening at the White House?

CNN’s Jim Acosta is currently reporting that artifacts are being taken out of the West Wing of the White House as President Trump is in his last days in office. See for yourself: Looks like some looting happening at the White House today from disgurntled Trumplicans.

President Trump Adds $8 Trillion to the National Debt in 4 Years

President Trump and the National Debt With only six days left in office, President Trump’s time in office is coming to an end. After facing two impeachments in one term as President and only one real lasting legacy there is one number that we are very concerned about […]

Is Donald Trump a Flight Risk? Charges Pending Post Presidency

Following his historic impeachment for the second time President Trump is now less than a week from leaving office as one of the most disgraced President’s in American History. With likely criminal charges coming his way post-presidency is the soon to be former President a flight risk? From […]

Trump Job Approval Hits All Time Low of 34%

As he faces the possibility of another impeachment today President Trump has gotten another batch of bad news. His job approval rating has hit the lowest it has ever been in his four years as President. From The Politico: Tarnished by last week’s riot at the Capitol, Donald […]

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