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Is Bill Weld Gearing Up For A Presidential Run?

Former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld announced via social media last Thursday the start of a new organization called Freedom For America and encouraged his followers to donate. The video of the announcement is a bit peculiar, however, as it highlights Bill Weld’s stances on individual issues without really […]

Bill Weld Sues Massachusetts For Winner-Take-All Voting System

Gov. Bill Weld is challenging Massachusetts’ law that allows the winner of the popular vote in a presidential election obtain all of the states electors because it is constitutional. “[…] under the [Winner-Take-All] system, millions of Massachusetts citizens have been and will continue to be denied their constitutional […]

POLL RESULTS: Larry Sharpe Overwhelming Favorite; Kokesh Favorite Among Current Candidates

The Libertarian Vindicator’s “Way Too Early” Presidential Poll yielded many interesting results in regard to the currently announced candidates and those who have said they are interested or speculated to run. Among the four current candidates (Cecil Anthony Ince, Adam Kokesh, Zoltan Istvan and Donald Eugene Lowe), the […]

Bill Weld Doesn’t Rule Out 2020 Run, Says 2016 Campaign Changed His Views

Former Governor of Massachusetts and Libertarian Vice President candidate Bill Weld has remained active in the political sphere since the end of the 2016 election cycle. Weld spoke at the Students for Liberty Regional Conference in New York, and endorsed Larry Sharpe for Governor of the state. “He’s […]

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